Fire, earth, air, water: the four elements of the cosmos that define the cycle of life. The sun scorches the earth, l

ets lakes and seas haze over and return as fertile water.

When the sculpror hews and hurts the stone, the soul is released like a phoenix.

He rises in full fantasy to descend again in stilling, uniting forms and emotion


                                          Very often art shows us what is hidden behind the things you see.

                                  The first contact with a statue, this encounter that each time is an encouter with art in general and with yourself, is worthless. 

                                  Sculptures are not complex, they exist and speak an own language. The fusion of the form, given to me by natural coincidence and the form inspired by the stone, results in a statue. Sculptures are the vehicle of energy, emotion, and beauty, hey are not this thing, they are stone, but they carry all of them.

                                   A spectator can be touched by this expressed world. This can be the source of an intense contact because it is an encounter beyond the common forms of word and image and habit.




















 Fotografie: Paul De Cloedt


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Beelden in woorden

Als de zee zwart als ijs zou zijn,
kon je zijn zilte smaak niet meer ruiken.
Zou ik dan nog zo wanhopig verlangen ....
naar jou
Ik zie jou

ik kijk naar jou
en voor het eerst valt me op
je bent geen spiegelbeeld van mij
ik wou... ach neen,
en voor het eerst
zie ik jou  

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