My own thoughts

My sculpting is a quest into my world of forms. Each sculpture grows into its formal harmony.

Moreover, it is a source of contact if the spectator recognises himself in my forms.

Fight with the cube or the cobble, without pre-study, interfere in those closed structures. Hurt them, break their balance to tell my story, push on my balance.

Carving away or preserve parts of stone, let air and mass play together, a game of forms that makes me happy, although it is necessary to attack the stone, hard versus hard. Again, and again this uncertain question what it is going to be, if it will be beautiful and will be worth looking at, if it grows to an inner harmony. Only this paradigm: to place forms above, under of aside of each other and let them play.

To maintain accidental andromorph elements as a reference to the belief in the figurative. Organic forms stay useful to the figurative, yet it remains valuable on its own.

Later, also the organic forms give access to more angular elements and lines. The story hasn’t ended yet, not at all.

Sculpting is the love for the stone, the affinity with stone, with the solitary and slow story between me and the stone. It is my favourite and concrete way of meditation, but I need a medium and this medium is stone. Obstinate wige to make a ‘gestalt’, a whole. Write a story within the contours of this stone, which is my story of this stone and of myself. To create harmony outside of myself, leads to harmony in myself.

Stone does not grow to a sculpture by itself. I must do it, helped by the forms I carry in myself and those I find in my surroundings. Some people may intuitively recognise these forms. I have the urge to come in touch with the archetypes that are common in the creating process.

I am not satisfied with the existing forms, I want to be the maker myself and add a beauty dimension to it that comes from myself, although someone somewhere may have made precisely the same. I want to make something that can lead his own life outside myself. My sculptures say that I exist, as least as their maker. Recognition is indispensable, otherwise sculpting is a solitary business.


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Beelden in woorden


herfst, zeggen ze
als na zomer
goud en wijsheid

maar wat met
het weemoedig verlangen
naar lente
en pril onervaren?
De kus

een tijdloze, versteende omhelzing
verstild staan ze samen
tot passie ruimte brandt in het strakke wit
ze ontsnappen, elk een eigen vlucht
verkennen dromen en grenzen
ver buiten de horizon
om steeds terug te keren
naar de omstrengeling 
van het troostende wit

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