Sculpture week 2021

Because we here enjoy an abundance of space, time, stones and appliances we’d like to share this with congenial companions who want to further discover themselves and their creativity and who are open and accessible to themselves and others.This year a full version of the experience week was possible again. The group was smaller but despite the less beautiful weather it was a very inspiring and creative week.The atmosphere was good, a lot of work was done and there was a lot of ambiance and funThanks a lot to the participants and the many friends and neighbours who assisted in realising this project.

 nadine en lieven


Also: Moere sculpture group


















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Beelden in woorden

Als de zee zwart als ijs zou zijn,
kon je zijn zilte smaak niet meer ruiken.
Zou ik dan nog zo wanhopig verlangen ....
naar jou
De zee

kan een zee blauwer zijn dan jou ogen
grijzer dan verdriet?
kan een zee je troostend omarmen
of blijf je toch alleen
nooit meer samen

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