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We hebben een leuke tuin - we hebben veel stenen - we hebben veel materiaal en machines om die stenen te bewerken

We hebben heel veel goesting om daar iets mee te doen en dit te delen !

In de belevingsweek staat dit allemaal ter beschikking van "De Moeristen", jonge mensen die komen werken, een beeld maken, een installatie maken ….. als het maar met stenen of ander omgevingsmateriaal is. Er wordt geen les gegeven, wel kunnen technieken, ideeën, vaardigheden, beschouwingen uitgewisseld worden. Er moet geen resultaat behaald worden, het is puur voor het plezier.

the Moerdijk Sculpture Group: Somewhere in 2015 I was asked by Lieven Debrabandere and his wife Nadine to organise a
project with them. It was Lieven’s wish to open up his studio, practice and lifework as sculptor to other artists.
We decided since 2016 to organise a private, informal residence project at his home studio, every summer for a full week. Lieven would not teach sculpting, but assist and interact with the residents on many levels. The residents would stay over in tents in the garden and were warmly hosted by Nadine. With a friend she cooked for us daily, and provided a remarkably generous week full of experiences.
For every edition I was asked to put together a group of artists. I searched for enthusiastic and passionate people, not necessarily experienced stone sculptors. Being co-coordinator, I participated in all editions until now. 
In a most generous act Lieven donated all the stones. Throughout the seven editions until now I estimate this comes down to at least one ton of
precious stones, including the best of French, Spanish, Belgian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Greek and Italian marble and limestone.
It’s been absolute bliss to have been able to invite very close friends of mine to enjoy such an extraordinary project.
Next to that, it’s very rewarding to see a large amount of the produced work ending up in different platforms, be it exhibited stone sculptures,
photography or video work. Thank you Lieven and Nadine!
- Bart Lescrève,